Friday, February 05, 2010

Brand Update : Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury has launched a new variant of Dairy Milk branded as Dairy Milk Silk. The brand is currently running two TVCs for this variant

Watch the tvc here : Dairy Milk Silk Dance

The brand has been moving away from the celebrity endorsed approach it was following in the last few years. The new campaign is refreshing and brings back the memories of its earlier iconic campaign " Asli Swaad zindagi ka" . I liked the conference one than the dance one.

As I understand , Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is a smooth and silky version of the original Dairy Milk. The brand is priced at a premium over the Diary Milk which makes it an Upmarket Stretch in marketing terms.

The ads are spot on the brand's core positioning of " enjoying the moments". The agency has conveyed the message in such a captivating manner that many adults who has forgotten about the original brand promise and experience will be attracted back to the brand.
I hope that the brand will scale new positioning heights and it is a learning experience to watch this brand evolving itself.

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  1. Didn't quite like the choc being portrayed as a messy affair. And remind as it might of the Dairy Milk ads of yore, the absence of Shankar Mahadevan's voice kind of makes it incomplete. :)

  2. For Cadbury Silk
    Just looking at the AD conveys a gooey chocolate with silken feel to it. Seems that even the body heat is enough to melt it. Logistics and distribution may be challenge for this brand. Looking forward to see how are they managing it.

  3. @vipin, rightly said, i also doesn't like the silky type but i bet there will be ones that like such chocolates.
    @paddy, rightly said. most of the time the original dairymilk gets 'silky' due to heat. let us see. I think cadbury will limit the distribution because it is a premium chocolate

  4. Sir, i am a management student and on behalf of all of my friends i want to say that we read ur blogs regularly and find them very please post more and more blogs and post more frequently...thank u

  5. sir, i really find this new strategy followed by ur company to attract it's old customers but i think it should go some change in packing so that it's newer avatar silk can have it's own identity. as it's name suggest a royalty. it must have royal look.

  6. I've watched the commercial but haven't bought it... it looks yummy!

  7. what next by Cadbury....this time it might be came up with new unconventional idea


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