Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Turtle : A Little Deeper

Brand : Turtle
Company : Turtle Ltd
Agency : RK Swamy BBDO

Brand Analysis Count : 431

Turtle is an interesting brand story. This is the story of a small brand metamorphosing to a national brand. The brand is from Ladsaria family. The brand was born in 1995 in Kolkatta. The brand is the brain child of Amit Ladsaria who teamed up with his uncle to start a small shirt manufacturing unit with an initial capacity of 20 shirts.

Amit Ladsaria saw a big opportunity in readymade dresses at that time and wanted to cash in on that opportunity. The brand name Turtle was inspired by the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (source)

The brand which started with a capacity of 20 shirts is now a 60 crore brand poised for the big league. In May 2009, Future group took a strategic stake in the company. The backing of this retail giant is set to take Turtle brand to a much higher level.

There are many interesting facets of this brand. Although a small brand, Turtle was very careful in building its brand. The brand has been consistently investing in print and TVCs and the quality of communication was also very good.

Although the brand name was derived from a movie, the brand owners was wise enough to attach a meaning to the brand. Turtle brand is a Turtle lover. The brand has tied up with World Wildlife Fund and The Wildlife Society of Orissa for conservation of rare turtles. The brand contributes an amount for every product they sell. According to reports, the brand has already given more than 18 lakhs to these organizations.

Another interesting feature of this brand is the website . Turtle brand site is one of the best brand sites I have seen in recent times. The brand has been very careful in cultivating a sense of style around itself.

Turtle is targeting the young urban professional. The brand is on the premium side of the price band with the price ranging from Rs 695 - 995.

The brand is being positioned on an emotional platform . The brand persona is a successful goal oriented individual with a softer core. The brand has adopted the tagline " A Little Deeper " to emphasis the different side of the personality. Most of the campaigns are highlighting the soft touch persona of the brand.

Watch the tvc here : Elevator

Although the positioning theme has similarity with Raymond's, the theme offers opportunities to present the brand differently from Raymonds. Although the brand has been consistent in their communication highlighting the emotional positioning, it is necessary for the brand to communicate rational benefits also. This is important when addressing the first-time customers. I would love to see some more information about the quality of fabric and craftmanship in their ads.

Turtle is a strong brand from the East. The brand has slowly but steadily capturing various markets. The strong support from a partner like Future group will increase the brand's reach.
Turtle is a brand with a vision. The brand owners have followed it up with consistent investment and let us hope that the brand will reach its desired destination.


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Good read. What are your thoughts on Indian Terrain. They're another upstart and recently had a TV campaign.

  2. Parag Rastogi1:28 AM

    Dear sir I have just completed my course on Product and Brand Management(In MBA). There was a case study on Turtle brand. I saw ur posting and could get enough help to understand the brand positioning of this turtle brand. I am a regular visitor to ur blog and is being helped alot with the inputs from ur thoughts.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Excellent coverage of the brand. This writing has inspired me to check their store and brand. :).

  4. sir u were say that, pen company were use the Gandhi ji for positioning their pen, but yesterday they got the notice on that, and also government will also answer to supreme court about use of Gandhi ji on pen.
    what will next?

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    very nice blog!

  6. apparently with the passing of time his perseverance in his work gives more and more fruits and esperrmos his way to the future is filled with blessings


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