Thursday, December 31, 2009

Marketing Strategy : Philosophical Branding

Let me try to dabble with a little philosophy and branding. Branding is all about building beliefs in the mind of the consumers. Brand is a belief . When a consumer buys a brand, what he is essentially buying is a belief.

Belief is a thought repeated often with emotion. When you repeat a thought with lot of emotions, it becomes a belief. In medical terms, these repeated thoughts create neural pathways which later drives the person to a particular action based on that pathway.

So when a marketer wants to build a brand, there are three essential requirements that will ensure success.
1. Create a powerful thought
2. Back the thought with emotion
3.Make the consumer repeat that thought with emotion

First requirement is to create a thought in the mind of the consumer. The starting point of successful branding is to create a valid powerful thought . In branding terms , we call it brand mantra or brand essence. Not every thought will create beliefs. The thought needs to be powerful, relevant and different. Either the thought needs to be powerful or the way the brand thought is expressed should be in a powerful manner.

The second requirement to create beliefs is to add emotion to the brand thought. When the marketers are able to connect their brand thoughts with powerful emotions, then the neural pathways becomes powerful enough to create actions.
The difficult part though is the third requirement - to make consumers repeat the brand thought with emotions. The more the thought is repeated, the more the brand gains its place in the mind of the consumers.

Iconic brands evoke powerful emotions and thoughts in the consumers. Once that belief is created, it will be difficult for the consumer and the competitors to change those beliefs.

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  1. it means that these mechanics are using science as their most effective tool.


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