Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Marketing Funda : Articles on Marketing 3

Selling Simplicity — Not Just Marketing It http://bit.ly/23tGgd II simple is complex

Five Mind-Blowing Web Stats You Should Know http://bit.ly/MXCna II interesting

Becoming a Collections Expert: Seven Basic Tips http://bit.ly/2uPWp8 II the most difficult part

Celebrate Your Customers http://bit.ly/4SSHn II I wish business listened to this

Becoming P2P: Principal characteristics of the new Social Business http://bit.ly/1XdTc7 II nice read

Can We Break the Tyranny of Quarterly Results? http://bit.ly/9ETLL II nice insights

The Martial Art of Difficult Conversations http://bit.ly/uiD2q II nice on on communication

HOW TO: Become an Expert in Your Industry http://bit.ly/HeaRg II i would like to be one

How to Get Found http://bit.ly/sMo5h II wisdom from guy Kawasaki

Customer Service Sells (No, Really, It Does) http://bit.ly/lVCYq II nice one

Some people are better than others http://bit.ly/gPdjO II common sense from Seth godin

Marketing Is Not Communications http://bit.ly/drrIc II wonderful insights

Top Ten Integrated Marketing Trends for 2010 http://bit.ly/SoMZy II must read for marketers

Product Promise & Product Pillars – What you need to know http://bit.ly/7RSut II nice one

India Inc loses $2.46Bn due to disconnect in customer service http://bit.ly/1lFGB II too bad

Twitter's Business Model: Brilliant or Non-Existent? http://bit.ly/24Nv0h II nice one

When To Launch A Second Brand http://bit.ly/My4yI II must read

Facebook Overtakes Orkut in India! http://bit.ly/2uoS6v

How Cisco Created Their Own Talent Incubator http://bit.ly/Z4M7K II nice read

Post-recession branding: What Next? Part 1 http://bit.ly/Oq24R II nice one

Getting Started with Disruptive Business Design http://bit.ly/15O9Nv II must read

Do HR Managers Have the Skills They Need? http://bit.ly/16Nj0P II very very relevant

Kiva: A Cautionary Tale for Social Entrepreneurs? http://bit.ly/1bEv9c II excellent insights

The Breath of God Inspiration Method http://bit.ly/1pm9vx II inspiring as usual

Do you really need to use eye contact when delivering a business presentation? http://bit.ly/gDyv9

New ad for appyfizz and grappo fizz http://tinyurl.com/yzjc6ez ..cool

The Smartest Choice We Can Make http://bit.ly/tQhF0 II inspirational - perhaps ;)

Steering a Small Company Through a Turnaround http://bit.ly/A4GxK II nice read


  1. Very Interesting list of articles!! Keep em coming! Loved the one on customer service and its importance given the kind of times we are in!


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