Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Marketing Funda : Articles on Marketing #4

The Secret Sauce: Leveraging Social Media for Business II common sense tips

Mobile App’onomy – Mobile users aren’t Loyal to Cool Apps interesting stats

How To Attack The Leading Brand II Must read for marketers

Sir, May I Clean Your Glasses? II WOW Tom Peters love Kingfisher airlines..

Kill the Elevator Speech II must read article on business communication

10 Traits of High-Performance Leaders II how many u have?

5 Questions with GTD's David Allen II getting things done tips

Top 5 Things to Remember When Doing a Social Media Campaign

How Entrepreneurs Should Handle Succession II good one

Create a Special Unit to Drive Growth II nice read

Procter & Gamble and the Beauty of Small Wins II good one

Mobile Handset Market in India – The Great Indian Growth Story

The Smart Way to Influence Your Boss II let me try :)

The Upgraded Brand Extension Threat II must read for marketers

5 Retail Marketing Trends for 2010 II nice one

The Business World's Biggest Wasted Opportunity II nice read

The Price of a Poor Experience II lessons in customer service

Best Practices For Social Media: The Basics of Program Planning II nice one

10 Ways to End Your Speech with a Bang II xcellent article

Santander Brasil and the $8 Billion "Noble" Prize II lessons for Nonprofits

Too Big to Fail — Or Too Complicated to Succeed? II nice read

How Smart Leaders Talk About Time II lessons for leaders

To Buy Or Launch A Brand? II vital lessons for marketers

Really this brand's story gave me goosebumps

More on Toms Shoes brand

When will the world make fun of you? II Toms shoes- what a brand !!

The three elements of full employment wisdom from sethgodin

Want to see worst possible PowerPoint presentation? Check out these videos:-

Why companies see prospects in rural india

Organisational structure can reveal manythings

The Brand Launch Myth absolute funda...

innovative marketing by Moov

Effect of context on branding

Hero Honda business model

A story of Reva electric cars

Mobile Social Networking in India – Orkut rules the chart, followed by Yahoo and Facebook

Social Media Usage Policies: Less Lawyering, More Encouraging II practical ??

Three Questions to Remove Ego from Decision Making II but is it possible ?

3 Ways to Pitch Yourself in 30 Seconds II the elevator pitch

When a Colleague's Mistakes Affect You II highly insightful

Why Entrepreneurs Sabotage the Succession Process II excellent one

If goods and services become more valuable... II nice perspective

Live Simply, and Save the Drama for Your Mother II That is it

The water purifier war

The dove story in india

Fighter Brand Strategy Considerations II funda for marketers

Sumi-e, color, and the art of less II nice tips 4 powerpoint presntions

Relentless renovation: Apple's App Store II nice read for online retailers

Festival advertising – lighting up hearts or lightening the wallet? II interesting view

Think route to consumer, not route to market II nice idea

Can an Online Community Shape a Strategy? II nice read

Brand Personality Inspiration II inspiration from Brand Apple

Anchor Your Brand With Credentials II must read for marketers

Five Ways to Realize Profits and Missions II interesting read

Apple's Next Revolution — And What You Can Learn From It II insightful article