Saturday, September 06, 2008

Brand Update : TVS Scooty

Scooty never ceases to innovate. That is one quality that makes this brand my favorite. Being the market leader has never made this brand laid back. When customers began to look at electric scooters, TVS responded by launching an electric variant of Scooty- Scooty Teenz Electric.

The latest innovation in TVS Scooty is the balancing wheels. Now Scooty comes with two small balancing wheels that will help the users to learn riding scooters by themselves. Balancing wheels are common in bicycles but its the first time a scooter brand is trying out this.

I think its one of the best consumer centric innovation I have seen in recent times. One of the biggest stumbling block in marketing of scooterette is inhibition of customers to learn riding scooters.

Most of the ladies often feel lazy in going through the entire process of learning to ride and then appearing for licence test . This has severely affected the growth of this market. While most of the girls/ladies agree that using scooters will significantly enhance their lifestyle and offer them freedom, the thought of investing time in learning to ride puts them off.

To tide over this obstacle, TVS Scooty had initiated a program ' women on wheels ' . The brand had started a chain of driving schools for ladies where the brand guarantees that the ladies will be taught how to ride a Scooty in one week.

The latest innovation is a direction in this regard. I think its a cool idea to have balancing wheels in Scooty. First it will encourage the TG to take the vehicle on road with confidence and also they need not beg their dad/brother/husband to help them learn riding. So this small innovation will go a long way in empowering the TG to learn riding by themselves.

More importantly this will help break the hesitation for first- time users to buy Scooty. From my own experience, my wife sometimes tell me about buying a scooter but then dismisses the thought by saying " oh I now have to go to a driving school and learn riding, don't have time ".

Ofcourse balancing wheels alone can help one to learn riding but it will instill confidence in ladies to think about Scooty as a serious option.

Kudos to the brand.