Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brand Update : Boost

Boost has launched a recent campaign featuring the two poster boys of Indian cricket - Sachin and Dhoni. The new campaign is also a response to Bournvita 's campaign highlighting Confidence.

In the new campaign , the brand takes the position of Winner's drink. The new TVC is quite attractive with some straight talk. The tvc opens with losers using the term " because " to provide excuses for the failed performances.

Sachin in the advertisement exhorts

" Losers have excuses while winners have the winning energy "

While Bournvita harps on confidence, Boost is banking on winning energy.

Roping in Dhoni is a good move as far as Boost is concerned. Although Dhoni is Ultra Cool in the field, there is a underlying confidence and energy which is visible in his batting. While Bournvita has moved away from sports to other performances, Boost has been staying focused on sports as the basic theme .

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