Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brand Update : Vivel & Fiama Di Wills

Its raining celebrities at ITC 's personal care brands. In a major marketing initiative, ITC has roped in two of the hottest bollywood stars to endorse its personal care brands. In my earlier post on Vivel Di Wills, I have expressed my confusion over managing Vivel Di Wills and Vivel.

The latest TVC surprisingly features a new campaign for Vivel featuring Kareena Kapoor endorsing Vivel ( and not Vivel Di Wills) . The positioning of Vivel is same as that of Vivel Di Wills. That makes me wonder again .....
Now the only difference may be is in the flavors . Vivel Di Wills may have some exotic flavors while Vivel comes in usual stuff like sandal ... ( I don't really know !).

Any how ITC has hell lot of cash and can afford to have as many experiments as they wish. It is we, the poor Professors, sweating before the students trying to explain the logic or lack of it .

In another campaign, ITC has introduced Deepika Padukone to endorse the premium personal care offering Fiama Di Wills.
These high profile campaigns especially the celebrities is sure to give HUL nightmares. The celebrities being used by almost all soap brands have hurt Lux the most.

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