Sunday, March 02, 2008

Brand Update : Coca-Cola

This summer, Coca-Cola has launched the latest campaign featuring Hrithik Roshan.

Watch the TVC here : Coke Ad

The new ad has a new theme and a new positioning. According to news reports, the brand is trying to project a new young image to counter its rival Pepsi. Hence this summer , the brand will be using Hrithik for the communication .

The brand is now trying out a new theme endorsed by the slogan ' Jashan mana le ' meaning ' celebrate '.
The concept is that Coca-cola is an integral part of every celebration and with coke , there is celebration. The celebration is often spontaneous . The brand is now trying to project enjoyment and exhilaration. All said and done, the ad is nothing special. The theme and the execution is only average and I remember seeing the same type of ad for many brands. Even Cadbury has done the same theme.
Again Coke can relax because Pepsi is doing much worse. The new ad of Pepsi featuring Ranbir , SRK and Deepika is one of the horrible ads I have seen in recent times.

From both Coke and Pepsi ads , what I make out is the panic that these brands face to project themselves as youthful. Saying that the brand is young will not make a brand young.Creating a new name Youngistan or getting a youth icon to endorse the brand is not going to make the brand young.
To be young needs these brands to develop an attitude and attitude takes good thoughts to be built around the brand. Somewhere down the line Pepsi lost the connect with the youth. Coke is yet to discover that thought.

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  1. nothing new when coke decides to walk on the line drawn by pepsi. just because pepsi came out with youngistan theme, coke neednt copy the same theme into their ads infact coke should use some other theme in order to counter pepsi. trying to catch each others tail has become bit boring now.


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