Monday, December 31, 2007

Wishing All A Rocking 2008

Time to say good bye to 2007. A year that saw India shining and rising. 2007 was great for all marketing lovers. The year saw more consolidation than new launches. Marketers was busy concreting their own positions in the market place rather than setting the markets on fire with new product launches.Fireworks were in communicating rather than in new launches.

As usual HUL proved its marketing might with some ground breaking campaigns for Surf and Lifebuoy.HLL transformed itself to Hindustan Unilever Ltd this year.

The new product winner 2007 was Bingo which is giving Lays sleepless nights. Motorola gave jitters to Nokia with some cool commercials. 2007 also saw the rejuvenation of marketer's interest towards celebrities. Now ordinary models are replaced by celebrities and celebrities almost became commodities.2007 also saw the rise of retail. The impact on this will be seen in 2008 when these majors starts launching their private labels.
This year also saw an old icon reentering the scene. Reliance relaunched Vimal in 2007 as a part of their overall retail strategy.
2007 will be remembered as a year of confectioneries. The new launches and branding was like crazy in this category .

The dampeners of 2007 are clearly the Cola majors Pepsi and Coke. Both these brands could not impress either the consumers or the media.

2008 is going to be exciting with lot of marketing fireworks across domains. This blog will be there tracking all the happenings.

Wishing all readers a very happy new year