Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mintrox : Life eej Hard

Brand : Mintrox
Company : Parle
Agency : Creative Land

Brand Analysis Count : 298

Mintrox is a new product launch from Parle Agro. After selling off some of its brands, Parle is making a comeback into the Rs 3500 crore confectionery market in India. Usually the mint based confectionery market faces competition from chewing gums especially in the platform of mouth freshness.
Mintrox is not a gum but a hard boiled sugar confectionery. As usual Mintrox is promoted using fun and absurdism which has proved to be an effective formula in the confectionery category. Mintrox is a hard mint with rock like shape. The brand has used this product characteristic as the big idea. Mintrox is using the cliche " Life is hard " as the basic platform for its campaign. The idea is that since life is hard , you need a hard mint candy.
Mintrox is now launched with four flavors - peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon mint and menthol mint. The brand is targeting urban 18-30 segment.
The brand is now promoting its two variants using visual media.
Watch the Tvc here : Mintrox cinnamon
The entire promotions of Mintrox evolves around the theme " Life is hard ". The tvc also executes this old idea in a refreshing manner. The second campaign involves a convict who escapes from the jail only to land up in a mental hospital. The brand uses the tagline ' Life eej hard' which I think has the potential to become a hit tagline in campuses.
What is interesting is that the brand has also started taking the OOH media also to promote the positioning. According to agencyfaqs, Mintrox is planning to brand the first two front rows of cinema theaters with the concept 'life is hard ' to sympathize with the viewers since these two rows are the most uncomfortable ones.
'Life eej hard' is a big idea that has lot of potential. The idea is also perennial . Agencyfaqs say that the brand has identified more than 40 situations which reflects the theme. I also feel that the concept of ' life is hard' can be used to capture the campuses. The potential is enormous.Most of the time confectionery marketers are struggling to keep the brand in the top of mind of consumers. Brands often run out of ideas for promotions which adversely affect the sales. Mintrox's has been fortunate to find out a concept that has lot of fuel to keep running.
That is the power of a good idea.


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    It's shockin to know Mintrox is from Parle. Because the candy is wrapped like a local made one. i think the biggest problem of Mintrox is the wrapper and the brand name itself. It sounds like a copy of Mentos. I was reluctant to buy this candy when a shopkeeper offered me this candy for a 50 paise change. I took it for a locally made duplicate of some mints from perffetti. But the taste was good. I tasted only cinnamon and it flavoured exactly like cinnammon in ur mouth. And it gives mouth freshness also. The candies like that is bless for smokies like me. coz we can confidently chat with non smokers after havin one, especially girls who don't like the smell of tobacco.
    The next biggest problem with Mintrox is the distribution. It's not available everywhere. There are only few shops which sells Mintrox in Cochin.
    According to me, Changing the wrapper a bit and making the product available all over will definitely help Mintrox..


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