Monday, August 27, 2007

Gold Winner : G for H

Brand : Gold Winner
Company : Kaleesuwari Refinery Ltd
Agency : Crayon's Advertising and Marketing

Brand Analysis Count : 266

Gold Winner is a major player in the branded edible oil market in India. This brand from the Southern India made its debut in 1995. A price warrior during its launch , this brand has transformed itself to a serious brand.
Gold Winner now commands a 20% market share in the whole of India and have a commanding 70% share in Tamil Nadu. The brand has serious plans for itself and has already making its way to the North Indian market.

I have noticed the earlier ads of Gold Winner talking about health and ending with the tagline : Gold Winner is Gold- Winner. The ad made no impact on me as a marketer except an acknowledgment of the huge budget that the brand had. Gold Winner gained its initial market with a price war on the major brands like Sundrop and Sweekar. Gold Winner was retailing on a huge price discount and the heavy media campaign ensured the required volume to sustain the price war.
Then came a surprise. The quality of the campaign changed dramatically with a new Big Idea.

G for H
Gold Winner For Health.

The brand identified its DNA in those simple equation. This discovery changed the whole brand personality. I am not saying that Gold Winner discovered something new. Health was the platform that all edible oil marketers used to promote their brands. Sundrop and Suffola held their markets building on the health platform. But what I liked about Gold Winner was on its execution of the Common Idea.
Watch the Commercial here : Gold Winner Ad
Also the brand used Kids effectively in the ads making the Mothers the Target Segment. While Suffola uses Wife as the TG and the ads are more adult dominated.

With the TamilNadu market in the fold, the brand is making inroads into new market. This Onam, Gold Winner has entered into the Kerala Market. The brand has already started a high profile marketing campaign comparing the Brand with the popular Coconut oil . Kerala is a different market because here coconut oil is used as the cooking medium. Gold Winner is trying to position itself as a healthy alternative to the Coconut Oil.
Gold Winner is an example of how a brand can make a mark on a cluttered market through smart execution of an old idea. The brand is now moving out of its major market to a more competitive National Market. The G for H campaign will get the necessary eyeballs. I am sure that the threat will prompt players like Saffola and Sundrop to take the war to the Gold Winner's territory . It is war time....

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  1. Hi Harish

    You wrote this article in Aug 2007 when Gold Winner was entering Kerala. I just wanted to update this informative post with some latest news. I am sure you are aware of that.

    Gold Winner today is the leading Sunflower oil brand in Kerala and the second largest in Karnataka.


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