Saturday, August 11, 2007

Brand Update : Polo

Nestle's Polo has got back its original tagline " Mint with a Hole ". The brand is running a new campaign featuring the world famous tagline. Remember that Polo had discarded the famous Hole campaign and took another tagline " Polo Ghao seethi Bajao " . I think it had cost the brand dearly. Competing brands like Mentos ( industry competition) and host of other mint based chewing gum brands like CenterFresh and Happydent has eclipsed this brand which was a pioneer in the mint segment.
The new campaign revolves round the question " Where is the Hole " and the TVC ends with the voice over " The mint with a Hole "

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Although the brand has lost valuable time by messing up with a successful positioning, its good that the brand finally got its acts together. The agency has done well in introducing the old tagline in an interesting manner. But the brand has to understand that the industry is moving towards the " Sugar Free " products. Worldwide Polo has a sugarfree variant and I think its time the brand brings such a variant here because the competition from Happydent and Orbit is eating into the Ordinary Mint segment.

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