Friday, August 04, 2006

Jealous Jeans : Jeans And More

Brand : Jealous Jeans
Company: Indus League
Brand Count : 109

Jealous Jeans is the one and only Indian brand in the women's jeans segment. The brand earlier owned by Jealous Fashionwear was acquired by Indus League in 2005. The brand was not a new brand rather the brand is 15 years old. But it was a niche player. I don't think that the brand had any presence in South India . The brand was not aggressive owing to the factors like Jeans being not popular among ladies in the early 1990's.

Things have changed now. There is a marked change in the demographics and psychographics of Indian women consumer. The younger crowd is not wearing conventional dress opting for modern dresses and also very individualistic in their choice of attires. Thus the Jealous brand once restricting itself to a niche is bracing itself to a larger market. With marketing strength of Indus League, Jealous can cash in on the highly potential market.

Jealous is positioned as an Urban Women brand ( young at heart) , age 16-24. The brand is based on the values like " self esteem", individualistic and fashionable. The brand is edgy, hot and it is new. ( as per their website).

In order to keep the excitement going, the brand comes out with a new design every 3 months. The brand was relaunched last year as a really hot brand with John Abraham endorsing the brand ( unusual for a feminine brand ).The company have priced the brand reasonably and is not restricting it to jeans, the baseline " Jeans and More " is a good one giving lot of room for the
brand to grow. In the promotion front, the brand is not yet aggressive. I think the company is fine tuning its distribution network before spending on promotion.

It is challenging for a marketer to keep up with a feminine brand. It needs to be constantly updated and exciting and fun and many have failed on their way to rule the Indian lady's mind. Jeans for that matter is more challenging. 70% of the market is ruled by the unorganised segment. Hence the organised sector had to compete on the basis of price to survive in this market.

Jealous have a tough task ahead of it but with the advantage of " first mover" and with investments in brand building , it can make other jeans Jealous.
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