Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Peter England : Honestly Impressive

Brand : Peter England
Company: Madura Garments
Agency: Mudra

Can you sell a product without any marketing gimmick, no film actors telling you that the brand is his secret of success, no hypes or hoopla or in other words can you sell a product honestly?

Peter England is a brand that tries to do just that and that too successfully. Launched in the year 1997, this brand has captured the Indian middle class mind. That too honestly.
Peter England as a brand has a rich heritage. It began in the year 1885 when foundation was struck for 5 storied building in Ireland. In 1888 Peter England factory came in to being. It was during 1889-1902 that the company expanded when it got the order for outfits for British soldiers for the Boer war. The order was large and it demanded quality merchandise at Honest –to- goodness price.

The brand came to India in 1997. During that period there was a huge potential for a mid segment shirts in the 60mn pieces Indian shirt market. The industry was dominated by in store brands and the consumers have to painstakingly check for the right shirt. The then owners of Peter England (Indian Rayon) wanted to tap this segment. Thus evolved the idea of a brand that aims to shorten the buying process of the consumer.

Research also revealed that the consumers perceived premium shirts as overpriced and there was a need for such a national brand. Also another insight was that the market had a perception that good things happen to people who wear good clothes.

Peter England was initially positioned as an “Honest Shirt”. It was a very precise campaign that categorically told the TG that the brand is of good quality and honest- to – goodness price. The strategy clicked and has to click because the product was very good and the price was excellent. It just fit in to ones budget. The TG for the brand was the 24-28 ambitious and career oriented youth.
In order to make sure that the excitement remains, Peter England came out with various ranges and varieties of shirts. The brand also extended to trousers with the same positioning. Although some of the variants like English Cottons compromised on quality , the brand still enjoys a good equity in the TG’s mind.

In 2002 the brand made a slight makeover. The positioning changed to “Honestly Impressive”. The aim is to make the brand more than just value for money proposition but also as a lifestyle brand. It has maintained its value proposition unchanged.

Peter England is a brand that clearly shows a marketer that it is possible to sell... Honestly.