Tuesday, March 21, 2006

La Opala : Adding style to your lifestyle

Brand : La Opala
Company : La Opala Rg
Agency: Leo Burnett

Indian crockery market is very much fragmented and dominated by unorganised sector. The market is estimated to be around 43000 MT of which the unorganised sector is commanding around 60 % share. Crockery market consists of pottery, kitchenware and tableware.

La Opala is one of the major player in the organised crockery market in India. The brand which was launched in India in 1987 dominates the premium segment in the market. The industry is limited by high labour cost and lack of modern technology. While in India , the industry is labour intensive where as in developed countries , it is fully automated.
The crockery market is driven by innovation. The need for such items varies very much with the culture of the market. While in Saudi a typical dinner needs around 90 pieces of crockery, In India, a dinner needs only 20 pieces. So there has to be distinct products for each market.
Since the need varies with culture and lifestyle, this is a market that is going to grow fast in India.
La Opala is ready to ride this boom by positioning itself as a lifestyle product. But inorder to do that a strong marketing effort is needed to change the way Indians use the tablewares. Traditionally Indians use stainless steel tablewares. While these ceramic and melamine wares are reserved for special occasions. With the popularity of unbreakable plasitic look alikes, products like La Opala will have a tough time in breaking into Indian households.
La Opala is positioned as a premium tableware. The brand aims to " Add style to your lifestyle ". It is a lifestyle product and is very popular as a gift item. Recently La Opala has launched a premium crystal ware brand Solitaire to tap the emerging crystal ware segment. The lower end of the glassware and ceramic segment is dominated by players like Yera and Milton.
La Opala is playing the premium game and have effectively created a name for itself. Using good ads and maintaining high quality , this brand have lot of potential to grow in this market.