Thursday, December 01, 2016

O'cean Fruit Water : Sail Through Your Day

Brand : O'Cean
Company : Narang Group

Brand Analysis : # 569

O'cean is a relatively new brand launched by Narang Group in the Rs 1600 crore mineral water category . The brand is in an emerging category of Ready To Drink segment largely in the functional beverages category. This category is witnessing some action these days with players like Danone, Tata Beverages etc entering the category.

Narang Group is known for the marketing and distribution of Qua brand of bottled water. The company was in a JV with Danone Group through which they marketed Qua and B'lue. B'lue was the fruit water brand from Danone. In 2015, Narang Group exited from the JV. While Qua brand went to Narang, B'lue went to Danone Group. 

O'cean is a flavored water which contains fruit juice, water, electrolytes, glucose etc. The target market would be health enthusiasts who want something more than just plain water after a workout or hard day's work. 
Although there is a market for flavored beverages, the adoption of these products is a challenge. The brand banks on the nutritional advantages as the main reason for purchase. The positioning of O'cean reflected in the tagline " Sail Through Your Day" aims at highlighting the benefit of the added ingredients. 
However, the pricing of O'cean at Rs 45 for 500 ml is a bit too steep. The immediate category comparison is the mineral water. So I am doubtful whether O'cean has priced itself in line with the value it delivers. In the distribution front, O'cean is widely available in the market. The packaging is nice but the small bottle with a Rs 45 price tag is a deterrent .
It will be interesting to see who would be interested in purchasing such a product. The brand is aiming at health conscious customers who wanted something other than the carbonated drinks. While the intention is good, I am not sure how the price justify the purchase. 

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  1. I'm of the opinion that the Rs 45 price tag willincrease the acceptability of this product among the elite class


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