Saturday, July 25, 2015

Brand Update : Honda Relaunches Jazz

After withdrawing the premium hatchback Jazz in 2013, Honda has relaunched Jazz with an aggressive pricing. Jazz is an interesting marketing story of a brand which failed not because of product but pricing. Honda had priced out Jazz in its earlier avataar. Now the company had become very responsive to the value conscious nature of the Indian consumer. 

Jazz in the 2015 version has been priced upwards of Rs 5.31 lakh which makes a great value proposition in the segment. The Jazz will compete with i20 and higher version of Swift. The new aggressive pricing, new styling and the Honda brand equity will definitely boost the fortune of Jazz in the new launch. 
Also unlike the earlier brand-pull strategy of Honda, there is a marked change in the approach of the dealers towards sales. I casually inquired about the Jazz at Honda service center when I gave my car for service and has been getting sales call for Jazz. This marks a clear departure from the earlier " Take it or Leave it " approach.

The brand is launched with the tagline " Nothing Else is a Jazz " and is playing on the sporty features of the brand. 
Watch the ad here : Honda Jazz relaunch TVC

With aggressive pricing, new styling and with a diesel engine under hood, Jazz would further boost the share of Honda in India for sure. 


  1. I am a great fan of your blog , my opinion you deserve the Name Indian Kotler . your blog is a treasure of knowlege for students and proffessionals who has passionate about Marketing .

  2. Awesome car!! Very creative campaign as well :)

  3. I remembered the times when it was launched before. After all, it was just on 2013. I am wondering how the new one is different. I thought it was a different version.

  4. You're saying Maruti has an "ISSUE" of being perceived as a Value for money brand. I don't know on what grounds did you make this statement. Being value for money is the best thing to market anything!


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