Monday, July 07, 2014

Choco Moonz : Not Only But Also

Brand : Choco Moonz
Company : Perfetti VanMelle

Brand Analysis Count : # 543

Cadbury Shots now has a competition. Perfetti has launched its version of Shots branded as Choco Moonz. The new product has the same form factor as Shots but the difference is that Moonz has almonds inside it. 
Cadbury Shots has been a very successful product for Cadbury. It gained almost 3% value share within a year of its launch. The smart pricing and a very good campaign propelled the popularity of the brand. The brand's tagline " Man Main Laddu " has become a part of the lingo.

Every successful product attracts competition and Shots has got the match from the market leader of the candy-segment i.e Alpenliebe.
Choco Moonz is launched as an independent brand endorsed by Alpenliebe. 

One should appreciate the creativity in choosing the brand name- Moonz. The name is superb and apt for the form-factor of the product. 
The brand has chosen the value proposition as  - Not only Choco but also Almonds. The brand's micro-site informs that the tagline would be the quirky - "Not Only But Also " . This tagline indeed is interesting and can open many opportunity for creative promotional campaigns.
I think Perfetti has got most of the elements of the brand right. Pricing is at par with Shots and the brand is currently in a soft-launch phase and no ads has come to my notice as I write this blog. 
The only issue that I see is the emphasis on almonds as the differentiating factor. Moonz has put its entire USP in Almonds which in a way put a constraint on the brand. It would have focused on making brand a differentiator and gave more product flexibility to Moonz. 

Let us see how Cadbury Shots react to Moonz. 


  1. A decent approach by Perfetti to leverage its strong brand name of Alpenliebe. Although it is very similar to Cadbury Dairy Milk Shots in most of the aspects like the form of the chocolate, packing, pricing but it does not have a factor that will connect the target audience with Choco Moonz.

    Choco Moonz will do good but it won't be able to become a leader in this segment. Firstly because, when Cadbury introduced Shots in the market it was a new concept, but they were able to get high sales probably because of its unique positioning that people were now be able to get "2 laddoos" for only two rupees.

    The Laddoo concept is an extension for Cadbury's realignment of its brand image- They want to reposition them as a substitute for "Sweets". The sweets concept connected well with people and hence it induced a high initial purchase. Although Moonz is very similar to Shots its tagline "Not only Choco but also Almonds" will fail to connect with the target audience which is mostly kids.

    Secondly, the parent brand is very useful in any brand extension. Cadbury could have introduced Shots under a different name but they introduced Shots as an extension to their Dairy Milk brand. Now this had a multiplier effect because of two factors. First-Association with chocolate: Shots is made up of Chocolate and Dariy Milk is one of the strongest brands of Cadbury. Cadbury leverged consumers association of Dairy Milk with chocolate to make a hit in the market. Second-pricing: In India when any parent has to buy his or her kid a chocolate, they favour two or three brands at max but amongst these two or three brands they'll probably go for a brand which gives the maximum quantity in terms of size. In India the lowest price point at which anyone can purchase a chocolate bar is five rupees. After introducing Shots consumers were able to get a good chocolate from a brand like Cadbury for just two rupees. Every company must focus of segregating gains and integrating losses for its customers for maximum benefits. This is what Cadbury did, it segregated the gains for the end consumers by providing more quantity for a lesser amount, so that consumers will purchase more than one Shots while making a purchase. (5rupees is a price point at which people mostly buy chocolate and providing a chocolate priced at 2 rupees will instegate to buy much more at the same price, they'll now buy 3 shots for six rupees instead of purchasing just a single chocolate bar for five rupees). This was not the first time Cadbury has introduced a chocolate price at two rupees in the market. Dairy Milk priced at 2 rupees was not able to make it big in the market because it had the same form factor like the one priced at five rupees, and the quantity which a consumer was getting by shelling out two ruppes from his pocket was just a single chocolate bar which was very small. Cadbury used the same amount of chocolate in Shots and came up with a totally new product concept.

    Now for Moonz,consumers associate Alpenliebe with 50 paise which is a matter of concern for Moonz. Had Perfetti launched Moonz under a different name altogether or had they have named it as only Choco Moonz this could had sufficed.

    Moonz has a very good differentiator against Shots which is almonds. Initial purchases will be very important for Moonz, if Perfetti finds a way of generating high initial purchase then other things will fall out and Moonz will make it large.

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