Sunday, June 22, 2014

Brand Update : Maggi with Madhuri wants to make pursuit of health enjoyable

In the latest campaign for Maggi Atta Noodles, Nestle has roped in Madhuri Dixit as the celebrity. The new ad promises Maggi to be healthy and enjoyable- which has been the brand promise for years.
watch the ad here : Maggi with Madhuri

According to media reports, the brand wants to make health enjoyable. The reports suggest that often kids view the pursuit of health to be boring. ( source ) and increasingly kids stay inside immersed in video games and playstations ( certain sections of course ) .Hence the brand took the proposition - health ko mazedaar banao ( make health enjoyable ) as the central theme of the current campaign. and it makes sense also. 


  1. i love my original maggi... is this the same as the atta noodles?
    anyways. I seriously wish Indian companies/news channels start uploading HD videos on youtube.. about time.

  2. atta or no atta, maggi can never be healthy. It is one of the junk food kids eat. And make health enjoyable is a marketing gimmick to sell the product. No matter how much I love maggi, it doesn't have any nutritional value.
    Moreover more than kids, i guess its people like us who will opt for atta maggi, for a simple reason that the product positioning helps us think of it as a healthier maggi.


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