Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brand Update : Prestige transforms itself !

Prestige in recent years has made a transformation from a pressure cooker brand to a premium kitchen appliances company. The transformation was executed by promotions and distribution. In the promotions front, the brand roped in the celebrity couple Aishwarya Roy and Abhishek Bachchan . The expensive branding campaign was intended for  establishing a premium image for the brand. Prestige is a brand which is very strong in the south. With the famous couple celebrities, the brand hopes to make itself popular in the North as well. The 2013 campaign also saw the coming back of the original tagline of Prestige -  ‘Jo biwi se kare pyaar, woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar’.

Watch the campaign here : Prestige campaign

The small kitchen appliances market is highly fragmented and this calls for the creation of a powerful brand. The choice of the celebrities were motivated by the need for creating a powerful brand and also to bring in a premiumness to the brand. The campaign had six commercials which introduces the new products of Prestige thereby establishing Prestige as a kitchen appliances brand.

Along with the high profile brand campaign, Prestige also started a chain of Prestige Smart Kitchen stores across the markets. The stores brought all the products of the brand together thus reinforcing the brand's positioning as a appliances company.

The company in the branding perspective has made the right moves but the small appliances market is very tough nut to crack with highly localized competition and also lot of low price warriors. Its still a long-term play.

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