Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brand Update : Gems wants you to Raho Umarless

Gems Surprise launched in 2010 is a poor cousin of Kinder Joy. The variant launched to fight the Kinder Joy  became a poor second cousin because of unimaginative gifts and poor campaigns.Last week my daughter demanded she wants a Gems Surprise but I flatly refused saying that the toy that comes with it may not be attractive  and we settled for Kinder Joy for Girls.

Now Gems Surprise has corrected the mistake by launching a new set of toys featuring the Panda which has been  the main character in Gem's campaign.
The variant is currently running a TVC featuring adults in line with the brand's strategy of targeting adults .

Watch the campaign here : Gems Umarless

The TVC is well made but one wonders whether there is some confusion regarding the targeting part of STP.
As I understand, Gems Surprise is fighting against Kinder Joy which is targeting kids. Now Gems Surprise wants adults to buy the brand and collect the toys. Now that is ridiculous. Expecting that adults would indulge in a product like Gems Surprise is imagination running wild. Now if the brand expects the kids to buy Gems Surprise by seeing the campaign is also a highly optimistic thought since the ad is appeals to adults rather than kids.

So this is another brand which got confused because of its own actions. The brand should have left this variant to kids. Infact my feeling is that Gems is beginning to alienate the kids and is not making right noises to get adults on board. 
Ideally the brand should have found some universal message that has appeal across age groups. Cadburys has done that with Dairy Milk. In the case of Gems, the brand is just saying that it is Umarless ( Ageless) but not saying Why ?. What Gems needs is the universal brand mantra that appeals to everyone regardless of age.

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  1. I thought that the ad might be targeted at the actual buyer - adults, who might then purchase it for their kids. Maybe their thought was that though kids demand something particular, the parents make the final decision so they could be made aware of Surprise.
    In my case, I didn't even know that Gems had such a variant and thought it's a new launch!

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    very well said just show their confusion

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  5. how many types of pandas are there.

  6. I think more than the brand being confused, you seem to have lost the plot. Leading FMCG companies like Kraft have strick advertising policies & guidelines that make it impossible for themselves to advertise to kids directly. I think the new surprise ad is well positioned and has a highly evolved understanding of today's kids thought processes and awareness. If you have seen one kid laughing out loud at the concept of an 'uncle' going to extremes to collect a 'tazo' or a 'doctor panda' you might rethink your current viewpoint about the ad.
    I'd also like to add that I look to your blog, very frequently, as a source of good unbiased critique on the indian advertising scene. But, lately I feel you have not been able to devote enough time to the blog. I hope this changes. I look forward to further well though about updates from your end.

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  8. Anonymous7:47 AM

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  9. Thanks for the post. it is really true. I had to buy more than 90 surprise balls to my son within 3 months and already my son has collected 17 varients of pandas which in above 70 in total. But it is also painful to mention that other unattractive toys are also pushed such as 'totos' 'slimey' spookey' etc are also puched in the name of panda in the surpriseball which killed my son's interest in purchasing surprise ball. especially the surprise ball lot of 01/03 was full of those rubbish toys. This will indeed kill the interest of young buyers! Gems should stop this practice of pushing those third class toys like spooky,toto etc .

  10. Thanks for the post. it is really true. I had to buy my son more than 90 surprise balls with in these 3 months. he has grand collection of more than 70 pandas with 17 varieties. But it also to be mentioned that gems recently pushing some uninteresting toys in the surprise ball such as 'totos','spooky','slimey' etc which are killing the interest of collection to the children. So gems should stop this irritating practice and bring more more varieties of pandas in the market. warm wishes to gems!

  11. Anonymous11:35 AM

    This seems to have misunderstood the ad, as well as the campaign. The ad is a joke showing grownups dealing (in a highly dramatized, film-y situation) with a kid's hobby - collecting toys and trading. It also emphasises the desperation and creates a want. Plus, some follow up statistics of how successful this is (every kid I know, and many adults, is buying three or four at a time)will help your argument that Gems have dropped the ball again.

  12. I have purchased more than 100 Gem surprise more than 30 numbers Taso not even pandas .Still Dr panda not found . Good advertising but for kids pacha cheating .

  13. See the complete set of Gems Pandas here...


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