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ONN Inners : Keep It On

Brand : ONN
Company : Lux Hosiery

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ONN is the new brand of premium innerwears from the house of Lux Hosiery. The brand is targeting its share in the high growth premium men's innerwear segment. Indian innerwear market is worth around Rs 13000-14000 crores. The market is equally split among organized and unorganized players. The men's inner-wear segment is worth around Rs 5800 crore. According to reports, the premium segment in this market is growing at a scorching pace of around 40%.
It is in this context that the launch of ONN gains significance. Lux Hosiery has been a dominant player in the innerwear market with its Lux brand of inners. Lux gained prominence in the affordable segment with its celebrity endorsements and the famous slogan " Ye ander ki baat hain ". Lux had the brands Lux Cozi and GenX with endorsers like Sunny Deol and Neil Nithin Mukesh.

ONN has gained lot of eyeballs by roping in Shahrukh Khan as its brand ambassador. The brand is running its campaigns across the media
Watch the TVC : ONN with Shahrukh

Just like most of the innerwear brands except Jockey, ONN also is following the celebrity centered brand building route. The saddest part is that there is nothing more to the branding strategy other than the celebrity. 
Here also there is Shahrukh Khan and the brand ONN. The brand owners failed to convey any meaningful message for this brand. For a low priced inner-wear brand, creating brand awareness is the key to success. But for a premium brand, it needs to justify the premium and a mere celebrity endorsement may not work. The task becomes more important when there are international brands like Jockey upping its noise and most of the readymade brands like Vanheusen , Louis Philleppe etc have their own innerwears. 
The quality of the TVC is  much below standards interms of theme and execution.The ad doesn't suit the premium segment but will be ideal for a low priced segment. By choosing a hyperbole around the movie Don and with a stereotyped characters has virtually downgraded the positioning to a lower level brand. The brand's site says that ONN wants to fight Jockey but with this kind of creatives, the dream will be a distant one.

ONN needs to focus more on creating a credible differentiator or atleast position itself on the basis of some important attributes like Fit, Design, Range, Comfort etc. Just having an expensive brand ambassador will not work well in the segment it is in.


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  2. These are not the complete facts. I have been analyzing this brand and following it (ONN)since it birth.
    Firstly when ONN was launched it was never aimed as establishing itself as a separate brand name. It was launched as a part of LUX COZI as LUX COZI ONN, with just one product made of SUPIMA cotton. (which JOCKEY doesn't make)
    When the company (LUX INDUSTRIES LTD.) saw the growth in the premium inner wear segment and not much players in it. then it decided to enter this segment, and decided to disassociate ONN with LUX COZI and establish it as separate brand.
    After 1 and half years it got relaunched with 22 products, in its portfolio. SRK was there with the brand ONN when it was launched previously, and generally deals with such big superstars are for 3 years or more. so they must had to continue with him. I have an unedited copy of the making of the ONN HEIN TOH DON HEIN. it was dated an year before DON was launched. So "hyperbole around the movie Don" as mentioned by you is just a mere co incidence.
    To establish as a premium segment brand it has decided to do Shopper Branding, which was asked to all of us in their ONN COMPETITION. so they are slowly moving from the mass advertising to NICHE advertising. A previous commercial on LUX COZI ONN has been edited and made into ONN, which gives the true premium image of the brand ONN, its available on YOUTUBE. you can check it from there.
    Slowly they will be moving to such commercials. But as ONN is just few months old, much is needed to be done for its brand image which they will of course come to.
    I want to add one more point to it, that their differentiation is not just SRK but several others, which you must not have noticed. The elastic of a brief as well as the cotton, is of superior quality than that of JOCKEY. They are priced from 5% to 10% lower than that of JOCKEY in each type. The delivery system is all done through air service. Generally in a hosiery industry which includes JOCKEY, the delivery time takes 25 days to 45 days, as its is done by road to achieve low costs. But this brand has done tie-ups with courier services to deliver each product within 7 to 9 days at the doorstep of each dealer. This helps the retailers to maintain supply and increase the flexibility in their operation. For premiumness the new creatives of ONN is very apt where they are focusing on factors like style, attitude, comfort etc. their EBOs which are coming out in few months will add stars to their premiumness.
    They have built up considerable social media presence. I hope you will analyze my comments and will review your thoughts, and will update your article. Jockey is more 100 years old brand where as ONN is just few months old. We should think that the brand managers have done a commendable work in such a short span of time to give such a great fight to JOCKEY. previously RUPA tried with MACROMAN, which failed, same is the case with Fruit of the loom, to some extent HANES.
    SO my thoughts are, ONN has done a good work, but they should change their marketing strategy, which they are slowly changing and hopefully within a few years this Indian brand will overtake the international brand.


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