Monday, May 14, 2012

Marketing Funda : Indian Ingredient Brands

Marketing Guru Kevin Lane Keller defines Ingredient Branding as a special case of co-branding which involves creating brand equity for materials component or parts that are necessarily contained in other branded products. Prof. John Quelch  of Harvard defines ingredient branding as putting the brand of an ingredient out of the product to increase its appeal. 

Ingredient branding concept started as a co-branding where the brand owners of ingredient and product brands are different. In my opinion, the strategy has evolved where firms have started branding their own ingredients in order to create differentiation. Intel and Dupont are considered to be pioneers in this regard. Increasingly brands in India too have tried to develop ingredient brands to create differentiation. Some of the below cited examples are loosely connected to the concept of ingredient branding in the sense that the brand owners may not have registered as a trademark.

          Parent Brand             Ingredient brand

  1. Orient fans               PSPO
  2. Exo dishwash bar     Cyclozan
  3. Chandrika soap        Activ Ayurveda
  4. Clinic All Clear         ZPTO ( now not using it)
  5. Horlicks                   DHA ( using it very less)
  6. Maruti Suzuki        K-Series Engines
  7. Bajaj Pulsar            DTSI
  8. Titan Watches        HTSE
  9. Citizen                   Eco-Drive
  10. Tata Motors          DriveTech / Quadrajet
  11. Ford Motors         TDCi
  12. Hyundai                CRDi
  13. Good Knight         Activ +
  14. Godrej Fairglow   Fairness Proteins
  15. Louis Philippe      Permapress ( Nishinbo Japan owned tech)
  16. TVS Apache        RTR
  17. Panasonic            Eco-Navi Sensors (for refridgerators)
  18. Gariner Men        Active Perlite ( for deo)
  19. Pantene               Pro-V
  20. Fiama Di Wills    Derma Revitalizers ( for men's fairness cream)
  21. Saffola                LoSorb Technology
  22. Kent water purifier   Mineral RO technology