Saturday, September 03, 2011

Velocit : First Joys of Motherhood

Brand : Velocit
Company: Dr Reddy's

Brand Analysis Count : # 492

Velocit is a unique brand. The product belongs to Rs 1000 crore Indian diagnostic market. Velocit is a Pregnancy Diagnostic Kit launched by Dr Reddy's in 1998. The brand had grown the category and  has built a leadership position in the market.
There has been a significant growth in home diagnostic kits due to the larger incidence of diseases like diabetes, BP etc coupled with increasing awareness among the public about detection and monitoring of such diseases. Doctors also began recommending such home based diagnostic kits which further resulted in the growth of the market. This category of products are called Point of Care ( POC) testing market. POC refers to any testing made outside the traditional testing centers like labs, hospitals etc.

Home pregnancy kits gained popularity in India owing to the convenience and confidentiality it offered regarding testing pregnancy. Gone are the days when pregnancy was guessed with symptoms like Vomiting. Doctors also began advising women to test their doubts using such kits.
Home pregnancy kits like Velocit uses the presence of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the urine to confirm pregnancy. 

Products like Velocit marketed itself through recommendation from doctors during the launch phase. The ethical route to promotion was adopted since consumers was unsure about the efficacy and accuracy of such products. The emergence of competition and the growth of the category prompted these brands to promote itself aggressively through advertisements.
Velocit started its branding focusing on functional benefits. It was positioned as  "3 Minute Wonder " referring to the speed with which the consumer will get the result. Now Velocit has moved to a higher positioning platform focusing on " First Joys of Motherhood ".  The brand says that the news or confirmation of pregnancy is the first joy of motherhood and the campaign puts the brand right at that first moment of joy.

Watch the ad here : Velocit
The brand also runs a print campaign along the same lines in major women's magazines. This emotional positioning will work well for the brand. The insight behind the " first joy of motherhood " should be appreciated since it strikes a chord with the consumers.
The increased number of competitors has made promotions crucial in category like that of Velocit. Most of the sales happen through word of mouth /referrals. But that WOM should be reinforced and complimented using ATL campaigns. Velocit has done this effectively.