Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brand Update : Hole New Fashion from Polo

The new campaign " Hole New Fashion " is one of the best campaigns I saw in recent times. The communication  once again brought back the humor, excitement and freshness into the brand. Polo has always been an interesting brand. The " Mint with a Hole " virtually made mint candy category very popular in the Indian market.
The brand was on a hiatus after the " what is your hole story " campaign which took a different take on the concept of " Hole ". 
The current campaign introduces four new flavors for Polo - Lime Mojito, Watermelon Sorbet, Peach Schnapps, and Cocoa Mocha. The most interesting factor being that these new variants are positioned as signature flavors which are "designed" by the Goa based Designer Wendell Rodricks. The brand achieved new heights in creativity when it partnered with a designer to launch a Fashion Range. The new range of Polo is known as Signature Flavors and is a classic case of a Celebrity - Brand co-creation.
What is most important in the new campaign is the new thinking that Polo brought in to mint candy. It is a great big idea to see variants as a fashion range and the execution is perfect. According to Economic Times, the flavors was such a big hit that the entire stock was sold out in two weeks in markets where it was introduced. 
Watch the ad here : Polo Signature
The new campaign will significantly help the brand Polo to reinforce its positioning as an off-beat interesting fun loving brand. The epitome of the brand's personality is its ability to think out of box which is conveyed by the tagline " The Mint with a Hole ". The brand tied to maintain its personality in most of the campaigns. The current campaign brings in much needed freshness to the brand in every sense. The new variants will also bring lot of new consumers to the brand . It also gives the existing fans of the brand to indulge more of the brand.
I am not sure whether these signature flavors are limited editions or permanent addition to the product-line. What ever be the life of these variants, it has achieved in elevating the brand to a higher level of positioning.

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  1. Pratik Bora2:43 PM

    sir in the advertise i feel polo needed to emphasize more on its product.

  2. Polo succeeded while others failed miserably in this product category because of brilliant positioning. Nutrine and Bakeman's extension too launched the product as competitors, infact Nutrine was the first to introduce the product in market place if i am not mistaken. Good review

  3. Polo and the designer have nothing in common. There is absolutely no fit with attributes that Polo as a brand has stood for all these years and a fashion designer. Unfortunately, an ad like this would not encourage me to go and try out a new flavour!

  4. Sekhar11:18 AM

    The ad seems to be selling the designer,not the product. Complementary flavours to mint,such as saunf,orange,lemon are acceptable but mocha? The taste is horrible and it might just lead to the dilution of the brand Polo.

  5. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Not yet available

  6. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Is POLO Saunf still available in Market, this flavour was simple supreb and I am still searching for that. Unfortunately could not get it anywhere in chennai. Can anyone please let me know the shop details or the merchant so that I can buy it in lot as this is my favourite flavour.....


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