Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Brand Update : Garnier Goes Beyond Shampoos

A lot of activities are happening for Garnier brand in the Indian market. From a brand focused on shampoo, Garnier has moved into personal care category with a range of products from fairness creams to deodorants.

Garnier earlier had moved to a broader personal care market with a wide range of personal care products for women. Later the brand broke into men's personal care with the launch of Garnier men's fairness creams endorsed by Bollywood hunk John Abraham.The brand also launched Garnier range of deodorants endorsed by the same celebrity.

Now,Garnier is all set to cover the entire shampoo market with the launch of Garnier Kids Shampoo in the Indian market. It is interesting to see how this brand is slowly covering the entire Indian personal care market. The brand is adopting a segment by segment targeting strategy. It consolidated its position in shampoo then moved into men's personal care and now into kid's hair care market.

The launch of Garnier Fructis kid's shampoo is expected to revive the kid's personal care category in India. The kid's hair care market is dominated by HUL's Clinic Plus brand and the other players being Parachute Starz. But recently the activities in this category has been minimal.

The entry of Garnier into the kid's segment may have been to catch them young.The new generation kids have a mind of their own and they are brand conscious. So tapping them with a variant makes sense. Moreover mothers feel that young hair /skin needs special care and adults products may be too strong for the kids.

Garnier's brand strategy of slow systematic growth has been reaping rich rewards. The brand has gained consumer acceptance and retail support across various markets in India.The brand is careful in using the same imagery across various categories. The brand uses a mix of foreign and Indian models for its campaigns and is never fixated on depending on a celebrity face to push the product. The brand although started as a shampoo brand has flexibility to move into various categories. The core brand values of " Green " and the tagline " Take Care " can be used across multiple categories without any dilution to the core brand positioning.

Garnier is wise enough to make maximum advantage of those attributes.

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