Monday, May 24, 2010

Tata Tion : Why Let Go

Brand : Tata Tion
Company : Tata Tea

Brand Analysis Count # 454

Tata Tion is Tata Tea's foray into the non-carbonated beverages market. Tion which was soft launched in 2009 has been launched nationally. The brand was initially launched in TamilNadu and has been in the market for more than a year.

Tion is a fruit based drink which has extracts of tea, ginseng and fruit. The brand is a challenger in the Rs 2500 crore non-carbonated beverage market in India.

Tion is positioned as an energy drink . The brand although fruit flavored is positioned as a tea-based cool drink. The major differentiators for Tion are its ingredients. The brand has tea extracts and Ginseng which makes the brand stand out from the rest. The presence of these ingredient also makes this brand look more healthy compared to other drinks.

Tion has the tagline : Why Let Go. The launch campaign is does not have much to talk about.The brand is essentially giving a message that it has so much in it that you cannot let it go.

Consumers have different take on the taste of Tion. The taste may not be universally appealing and that can restrict this brand to a niche. Tion will appeal to those consumers who are looking for a healthy cool drink and something different from the fruit juices. Compared to the existing fruit drinks, Tion gives certain kind of refreshment thanks to its ingredients.

Tion was initially launched in 400 ml packs priced at Rs 22. But now the brand is available at 200 ml packs priced at Rs 13. The packing is novel and can generate lot of trials.
But the 200ml drink seems to be too little to quench thirst and can create a perception of too little for that price. That was the typical reaction of a consumer after having the drink on a hot day.
Tion is a different product from the rest and along with the endorsement of Tata, the brand can get lot of trials. In the city where I live, Tatas have managed to make the brand available at key locations. The proposed JV with Pepsi will also help the brand get into more store shelves.

The challenge for Tion is to convince the customers to regularly consume the brand. The brand is banking on its ingredients to convince the consumers to patronize it. I feel rather than the ingredients, the brand will hold the key. With the kind of communication strategy, Tion may not be able to build a strong equity. It may need a heavy dose of celebrities especially those in the athletics/sports which can reinforce the message of a healthy energy drink. With global brands like Gatorade, Burn etc upping their ante, Tion should invest more on the brand rather than banking on its ingredients.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Sir, I think the product is novel and has a lot of potential. Just wanted to ask something. Almost all new drink launches take place in TN like nimbu version of minute maid and this one and remember many more. What is so special about it to be used as test market ? I think TN is radically different from north Indian market with a large population base and doesnt even resemble too much to other south indian states.

  2. It will be interesting to see if this works, but I agree. It is going to take some convincing, the tag line is intriguing, but not captivating.


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