Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brand Update : Ford Ikon

After nine years of Joshful existence, Ford has relaunched Ikon. Ford Ikon has been given a new life, a new look, a new engine and a new positioning.

Last November, Ford Ikon was relaunched with a Dura Torq TDCI diesel engine. The brand was earlier available in petrol only . The diesel version of Ikon will appeal to the consumers who worry about the fuel prices.

Besides the diesel engine , Ford Ikon also sports a new look and spruced up interiors.

The positioning also have changed. The Ikon now ceases to be a Josh Machine. The brand has replaced its " iconic " tagline "Josh Machine " with a new tagline " Sensible Bhi, Crazy Bhi "

Watch the new campaign here : Ford Ikon

I was a big fan of the Josh Machine tagline. It was a simple but a very effective positioning statement. It reflected everything that the brand stands for.

It is true that the brand has become older and dated. The brand needed new energy. But the new campaign is definitely anything but Josh. The idea is old and the execution average.

One of the reasons why Ford Ikon's position deteriorated in the market was because the brand never reinvented itself. There was not much happening with the brand . The brand off late became complacent in promotions. There was no campaign which was worth remembering in the last 5 years. The brand could have kept the energy by constantly promoting itself. But Ford adopted a strategy of milking this brand without investing much on the promotions.

If you ask any one about Josh Machine, you will never get a wrong answer. The brand and the tagline was heavily associated and remembered. If this tagline has to be replaced, the brand should have replaced it with an equally powerful positioning statement. "Sensible Bhi, Crazy Bhi " is nothing but a boring tagline. The brand also just lost its core positioning of a sporty car.

Remember that there is no other Indian car brand which is positioned as a Josh Machine. By forgoing such a powerful statement, Ikon has just lost its Josh.
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