Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tempo Traveller : Quality is the Key

Brand : Traveller
Company : Force Motors

Brand Analysis Count : 363

In 1983 the Firodia group entered into a collaboration with Diamler Chrysler for the production and use of OM616 engine for their vehicles in India. This was the beginning of the successful LCV manufacturer Bajaj Tempo.

In 1987 the Bajaj Tempo launched Tempo Traveller in the Indian market. The product powered by the famed Mercedes engine created a new experience in the commercial passenger vehicle segment.

Bajaj Tempo is a serious player in the LCV market in India with a series of products like the Tempo Trax, Matador etc. But among these products, Tempo Traveller has a special place.

In 2005, Bajaj Tempo went in for a Corporate rebranding .The company adopted the name Force Motors .

Tempo Traveller belongs to the LCV category which are essentially vehicles used for commercial purposes like passenger carriers , goods carriers etc. Tata Motors rule this market .

In the passenger carrier segment, Tempo Traveller occupies a niche. It belongs to the premium range of people movers . Tempo Traveller holds more than 80% share in its niche. It had virtually no competitors till Tata launched its LCV passenger carrier Winger. The total passenger LCV market is around 15000 units.

Tempo Traveller although popular in the people - mover segment, has its presence in the goods carrier segment also. The brand is also a major player in the ambulance segment.

Since this brand is in the B2B space, there is little promotional activity in the advertising front. For Tempo Traveller, the brand has immense visibility because it was existing in the market for two decades. The brand also has a reputation for its quality, ruggedness and reliability.

In 2005, Tempo Traveller also had to rebrand itself. Tempo is a brand name owned by Daimler Chrysler. Hence Daimler wanted Force to drop the term 'Tempo 'from the brand name. Hence now Tempo Traveller is known as Traveller. But for the customers, still the brand is known as Tempo Traveller.

Although the brand is having huge equity, there were concerns over the outdated engine and the looks for the brand. There was a feeling that the product was dated. Hence Force motors recently did an extensive make over for the product. The entire look of the vehicle was changed and the company introduced the latest CRDI engine from Mercedes for the latest version.

The new look and the updated engine for Traveller is expected to take the brand to new levels of growth. Traveller is a brand that was built solely on performance.