Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brand Update : Asian Paints

It has been a year since I updated on this brand. Over this one year, the brand has been concentrating on its premium range Asian Paints Royale and also Apex Ultima. I have not seen any campaign for the Core Brand :- Asian Paints.

But the focus has remained the same : Colors.

Asian Paints has been using the brand ambassador Saif to the maximum for the Royale Range. But I definetely missed the sequel to the classic campaign " Kyunki Har rang kuch kahta hain " ( Every Color has a story). But I am not complaining since the brand is still owning the 'color'.

Now the brand is back into my radar for a unique customer centric innovation. The innovation is not something revolutionary but simple commonsense. The brand has came out with samplers.

The concept is very simple, now you can purchase a small 200 ml pack of Asian Paints and try it on the wall to see how the color will look like in your wall. So rather than depending in the color cards, the consumer can actually see the painted portion of the wall and make the final decision about the color.

The samplers make good sense for consumers. It is very difficult for the consumer to imagine how a room would look like by looking at the color card. Now he has a chance to paint a small portion to see how the color will look like in realty . Ofcourse the consumer will have to 'buy' these samplers while imagination comes free of cost.

This concept has been perfectly captured by the latest TVC where the husband tries to explain a color to the wife. He then symbolically asks the architect " How can anyone imagine a color , yaar? "

This innovation can be easily replicated by any competitors but the fact is that the idea belongs to Asian Paints. Then the question arises whether the consumer will pay for the samplers and paint on a wall to see the real color. Something which only time will tell.

But I feel that this move stems from a consumer insight that often customers feel that what they expected of the color and what comes out after the painting has a difference. Often the color in the colorcard and that painted on the wall may not deliver the same effect . This has even prompted customers to play safe and not experiment with new colors.

The samplers are often a good way to empower the consumers and make their color selection perfect. Another consumer insight is that educated customers now take more time and effort in selecting the right colors for their homes. People either rely on architects or read mags and books to find out the right color which matches their lifestyle and tastes.
This little innovation will go a long way in choosing the right color for their homes.

In a way these moves will enable the brand to surpass an important influencer in this product's purchase : the painter and the retailer.
With empowering the consumer more, Asian Paints will find more meaning in the brand building exercises because the entire decision making power is given to the end consumer.

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