Friday, January 27, 2006

Parle Digestive Marie : Can u build a brand on Bullshit?

Brand : Parle Digestive Marie
Company : Parle
Agency : Everest

Parle digestive Marie is the new launch by Parle in the 600 crore Marie biscuit segment. The brand is being promoted heavily across the mass media making it one of the high decibel product launches in 2006.

The brand is endorsed by Kajol who according to media reports charges around 80 lakh per endorsement. The brand according to the company is first of its kind in the segment. The product claims to have five times the fiber and low calorie. The campaign is also revolving on this platform. According to the agency the idea of the campaign comes from the insight that " the biscuit is so healthy, it is criminal not to consume this biscuit".

Having raved about the product qualities, let me come to the brand promotion. I feel that the campaign is crap. I may buy the product because the product is good but not because some Anti Marie bureau has ignited the passion in me.

The celebrity endorsement and the crap ad have caught the attention of the market for sure ( may be for the wrong reasons). But where will the brand go from here?. The competition will have their version within no time, so what is the future of Anti-Marie bureau? Did the brand highlighted any significant positioning. ' Yehi Marie Sahi Marie " and the Anti-Marie bureau are self contradictory. Is Digestive Marie not a Marie?

I think the target audience are not kids but adults who are health conscious. And the ads may have amused the TG. But should you promote such a good product with some seriousness?

With the teaser ads and the 60 minutes TVC may have burnt a hole in Parle's pocket and Iam sure that the initial sales will justify the cost. But Parle may have to spent that much money too often to sustain the sales.

Is short termism becoming a disease among brand managers?

No one have ever built a brand over a Bullshit.....