Friday, December 16, 2005

Air Deccan : Simplifly

Brand : Air Deccan
Agency : Orchard India ( unit of Leo Burnett)
Baseline : Simplifly

Launched in 2003, this low cost airline of India has changed the Indian Aviation industry for the better. Dominated by government owned airlines and one private player in Jet, Indian aviation never had been in the mind of the Indian middle class.

Then came the visionary Capt.Gopinath with a ( crazy ) idea of a low cost airline for the masses. The large airlines shuddered at the prospect of a low cost airline in the country. How can any one forgo the monopoly. But It happened.

It was disheartening to see the reports that Air Deccan's maiden flight caught fire and was grounded. I bet the bigwigs in the airline industry were very happy at that tragic incident ( no serious mishap happened but it was a terrifying incident for the company) . I wrote off the airline at that time but Capt. Gopinath did not or infact he could not. He had a dream and he could not just write off that dream ( Am I being Dramatic ?) .

Air Deccan is modeled in the lines of low cost airlines like South West airlines (a Harvard case study ) which was the only profit making airline during the slump that followed 911. There was a huge market for a low cost airline in India. The overall economy was shining and middle class was spending money and executives were traveling frequently.

Targeted at the frequently traveling middle class, Air Deccan is now a force to reckon with. After 2 years, Airdeccan has discovered a viable pricing model and has revolutioned the industry by offering tickets at Re 1 and Rs 500.
Having tasted success in domestic market, Air Deccan is going international through its subsidiary in Srilanka .Deccan knows that Indian officials will not favour the Airdeccan going global so it choose to go via SriLanka.

AirDeccan always tried to explore new markets and now is targeting the First class train travelers.

Although there are many noises about the service as such , we must understand that the prices are really low and it takes lot of effort to keep it that way.
Hats off to Air Deccan.....