Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Brand Update : Dear Engage, Parent in me requests - can you move on please !

Engage, the deo from ITC has made a quick impact in the Indian market. Within a year, the brand has claimed second spot in the India deo market with a volume market share of 8.1% ( source : ET). The brand playing on the " attraction " theme has taken it to the next level.

This season, the brand has come out with the new campaign for the "zero gas" cologne spray version.

Watch it here : Engage Deo

The brand's ads have always forced parents like me who have little kids to scramble for the remote to change channels. The new ad takes the " attraction" to the next level.
 While the rise of the Engage deo can also be attributed to the effectiveness of these ads, my personal opinion is that brands should also be little sensitive to the audience especially the family audience. Ofcourse the counter arguments would be that movies are much worse or explicit, that doesn't justify a suggestive ad.

I am getting old , I suppose. 


  1. I am not sure the market share is attributable to the position taken, but might just be a function of the awareness and availability. The "Attraction" theme of positioning is too crowded in the Indian deo market. The true value props are probably the decreased gas content and the new deos straddling the perfume-deo divide. The confidence theme of Nivea (targetted at older segments no doubt) however, markedly stands out. Maybe the time has come for people to redo their market research and find out why young people need to use deo.

  2. I fully agree with Mr.Harish but there are no options nowadays. Skimpily clad women are the norms and it may get worse in future.

  3. I totally agree with Vaidya. The attraction positioning is too cluttered and too old now. Probably marketers dont want to do the hard work of actually getting consumer insights to understand the reasons for which people use deos. Engage is doing well because of the wide spread availability and too much visibility of the brand which has been possibly because of huge financial acumen of ITC. Had they done any innovations in the positioning, then with their brand power, they could have done wonders in the market.


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